Ministry Team

The Hope Boulder ministry team is an amazing group of people with a deep love for Jesus Christ.

Ted and Dawn Vail

Dawn Vail

Graduate of Seattle Pacific University, Licensed Foursquare Pastor, Well Traveled, Missionary, and Mother of Three.

Ted and Dawn have three children: Grace, Mercy, and Daniel. As a family, they love to laugh, and reach out to people, and serve at Hope Boulder Foursquare Church.

Dr. Ted Vail

Dr. Ted Vail serves as the Director of Foursquare Missions International. Under this role he oversees the North America Region of Foursquare Churches, Global Disaster Relief, US Missions, and Urban & Multicultural Ministries in the United States. He has been with Foursquare Missions as a regional coordinator and area missionary since 2001 and has been involved in world missions since 1988 when he spent a season in Japan, followed by a number of years in Central Mexico. He has also served as a senior pastor and regional leader of Hispanic churches in Colorado. Ted holds a Master of Arts in Global Leadership and a Doctorate in Contextual Missiology, both from Fuller School of Intercultural Studies. He regularly shares on Global Missions.

Ted was raised in Seattle Washington and came to know Christ as a teenager.


Lauren Humdy

Lauren Humdy
Associate Pastor, Community Relations
Graduate of Career Academy, Licensed Foursquare Pastor, Brooklyn Native, Mother, Grandmother and Huge Heart for People.


Vic Lucas

Vic Lucas
Outdoor “Manly” Ministry Director
Owner of a Construction and Remodeling Business, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Builder, Fixer, and Mountain Man.


Lisa Lucas

Lisa Lucas
Sunday Worship Director
Business Professional, Traveller of the World to Share the Gospel, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Musician, Gardener, and Coffee Drinker.