Community Relations

Community Relations

Hope Boulder embraces the notion that people need more than just a preacher who stands up and shares Christ’s teachings – they need a pastor. Our community relations ministry is committed to the ongoing care and spiritual development of people. This begins when the Sunday service ends. Whether you need help through adversary, prayer, leadership, or just need someone to give you a ride home, we want to be a part of that! Or if you are unable to leave your home for whatever reason, we want to come to you with communion, a helping hand, and an open heart. We want to be actively engaged with you outside of the walls of the church.

We are always available for you, not just on Sunday mornings. Our connected community groups are a great way to get involved – read more below!



Get Involved

We are currently partnering with the following organizations within the Boulder County community.


– Attention Homes – Serving at risk and homeless youth.

– Boulder Bridge House – Serving Boulder’s homeless and working poor..


Connected Community Groups

Our connected community groups meet twice a month to discuss current teachings and go deeper with the gospel together. Currently, there is are two community groups in Longmont that meet every other Thursday, and a young adults group meeting in Boulder on most Sundays. Contact Pastor Kristi Paulsen or email for more information on how to get involved!