Worship Ministry

Worship Ministry

The worship and arts ministry at Hope Boulder is both purposeful and passionate. Our desire is for everyone to have an opportunity to contribute their talents and help people experience God through music and art.

Music is a large part of what we do. We believe that God loves when we sing to Him and about Him, and we believe He responds to our praise. At Hope Boulder we passionately sing out to God in response to His endless grace and mercy. Musically you will hear a mix of genres and styles from traditional hymns to more current songs.

We also love to include visual arts that glorify God and inspire people, such as photography, videography, painting, etc.

We are always growing and we love to have people who are passionate about music, art and God involved in this ministry. We believe in the beauty of music and art and in the powerful impact it can have on our community and ultimately our world.

Please contact Lisa Lucas if you are interested in helping with worship, arts and music!